1777 court account

Leonard Nickerson of lawful age upon oath testifies and says that on Wednesday the fifth day of April last I was at Boston _____ Nathaniel Nickerson invited me to go on board of Ezra Weston’s brig which was then lying at the Union Wharf so called in Boston which I did go _____ and when on board said brig I went below and there was Capn Nye And Mr. Ezra Weston and Capn William Eldredge all below in the cabbon all talking about the [slaves/staves] that was on board said brig which was sold by Captain Eldredge aforesaid to the said Ezra Weston and I heard the said Weston say that they could not pay for them at present but they would pay for them as soon as possible and then the said Weston said that he had been greatly disappointed in receiving money that was due him the said Weston in Boston which was the reason that he could not pay for the [slaves/staves] that they had bought of the said Eldredge and further I heard the said Weston say that he should have made payment before if he had not been disappointed.
Barnstable, November 1777

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