“This is a profound lesson in wrestling with issues of social justice, past and present. Keep up your work! Push us to think and get responsible.”

“Our community and nation need to understand this history and most importantly its impact on our present and future.”

“Fabulous talk! Great content to open up some very large and old issues that exist in our current culture. What is it about this topic that engaged you and inspired you to start this discussion? Where do you want this to go? Crack open the awareness of the slave trade for the sake of____?”

“Most interesting talk. Look forward to the next one. Thank you.”

“I feel there were many leaps taken about the Ten Brothers trip that weren’t sufficiently backed up with evidence. I don’t think we as a community need to make reparations but I think we should know the truth. That being said, we must take care not to leap ahead of facts and not to paint all sea captains with the same brush. Very glad we’re having this conversation in town.”

“I love that you shared your process before finishing. Wherever this may lead, it’s so important to ask the questions!”

“Wonderful presentation of a fascinating topic that requires further discussion as a town & community.”

“I would like to hear more, but not really, because I am surprised at a slavery connection here—or anywhere else.”