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Atlantic Black Box is an educational consultancy and production company focused on promoting public history initiatives, increasing multicultural literacy, fostering global competence, promoting critical thinking, and supporting creative expression with the goal of building community better through enlightened conversation.

The mission of Atlantic Black Box is to initiate and sustain open, engaging, and inclusive dialog about who we are—at the local, regional, national, and global levels—and about who we want to be going forward, informed by a fact-based approach to understanding our history and the many ways in which it connects to our present.

Uncovering History, Together

Atlantic Black Box has launched a public history project that relies on an “enlightened crowdsourcing” model. Its aim is to empower interested community members—whether high school students or retired senior citizens or anyone in between—to conduct research into the maritime history of New England and to share their findings with others thanks to an online database.

Understanding history through story,
building community through conversation.