Anne Farrow

Career journalist and author of books on slavery in colonial America and Northern complicity in the slave trade

Atlantic Black Box

Posting regular updates about events, resources, and news related to New England’s role in the economy of enslavement

Bill Sullivan

English teacher working with students at Suffield Academy in Connecticut and committed to project-based learning

Lisa Simpson Lutts

Executive Director of the Castine Historical Society situated in the deep-water port of Castine, Maine

Sara E. Lewis

History museum curator, local park interpreter, and researcher who writes about her family’s role in Chesapeake Bay-region history and connections to New England and Africa

Christy Clark-Pujara

Associate Professor of History in the Department Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of Dark Work: The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island

Dennis Culliton

Founder of the Witness Stones Project, Inc. and former public school history teacher

Edward L. Bell

Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer at the Massachusetts Historical Commission in Boston

Elise Guyette

Author and former public school teacher, museum educator, and college professor consulting on ethno-history, social sciences, and curriculum development for schools, theaters, television, and museums

Fiona Hopper

Social Studies Teacher Leader and Wabanaki Studies Coordinator for the Portland Public Schools district in Portland, Maine

Gordon Harris

Town historian for Ipswich, Massachusetts

Jared Ross Hardesty

Associate Professor of history at Western Washington University and a scholar of colonial America, the Atlantic world, and the histories of labor and slavery

Jen Carr

Collections Manager and Curator at the American Independence Museum, located in Exeter, New Hampshire

Penobscot Marine Museum

A museum located in Searsport, Maine with a mission to preserve, interpret, and celebrate the maritime culture of the Penobscot Bay Region

James King

Library Director at The Salisbury School

Kathryn DiPhilippo

Executive Director of the South Portland Historical Society, in South Portland, Maine

Greater Portland Landmarks

A nonprofit that works to preserve and revitalize greater Portland’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and parks

Katie McCarthy

High school history teacher in both public and independent schools committed to social justice education

Lincoln Paine

Maritime historian, author, editor, and curator whose chief aim is to engage people in the wonder of the maritime world

Susan Walters

Member of the Kennebunk Region BIPOC History Project who served in the Wells-Ogunquit School District for 30 years

Lauren McCormack

Executive Director of the Marblehead Museum on the North Shore of Massachusetts, a seaside town built on land of the Naumkeag People

Meadow Dibble

Founding Director of Atlantic Black Box and Visiting Scholar at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

Peter Snoad

Boston playwright and active member of the Beacon Hill Scholars, dedicated to increasing public awareness about Boston’s dynamic free Black community of the 19th century

Rhonan Mokriski

History teacher at The Salisbury School in Connecticut leading a project-based learning course called “Searching for Slavery in Northwest Connecticut”

Rob Sanford

Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Southern Maine whose research centered on Malaga Island

Skip Finley

Retired broadcaster and author of Whaling Captains of Color, a comprehensive account of the 50+ sailors of color who rose to captain New England’s whaling ships

Samantha Payne

Doctoral student in Harvard’s History department specializing in the history of the United States and Latin America, with particular interests in slavery, emancipation, race and capitalism

Susannah Remillard

Language arts teacher at Cape Cod Lighthouse Public Charter School, committed to the study of Native American histories in New England

Susan Smith

Member of the Reparations Task Force at the First Parish Brewster Universalist Unitarian, in Brewster, Massachusetts

Vana Carmona

Independent researcher and descendant of enslavers who launched The Prince Project, a database of over 1900 people of color who lived in the State of Maine