Bridgewater State University, Plymouth 400,
& the Wampanoag Advisory Council present:

Here it Began: 2020 Hindsight or Foresight

A Plymouth 400 Signature Event

Nine Virtual Sessions, free of charge
Oct. 3 – Nov. 22, 2020

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Here It Began: 2020 Hindsight or Foresight, a signature Plymouth 400 event, is an Indigenous History Conference to inspire educators to learn about creation histories and traditional life; colonization and its aftermath; and the continued resilience and life of New England Natives today.

The virtual event, sponsored by Bridgewater State University, Plymouth 400 and the Wampanoag Advisory Council, is free of charge and offers nine weekend sessions during the months of October and November that will feature well-known experts and testimonials.

Download Conference Program of Sessions

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