I’ll share some of my students’ first trimester work on here – RM

For our project we decided to produce an infograph, that depicted the trade between Connecticut and the West Indies. We focused on specific towns in Connecticut because our School (Salisbury School) is in Connecticut and is not far from where many of these towns are. From past classes’ textbooks, we had seen the familiar images that depicted the triangle trade between, the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, but over the course of this fall we were surprised to learn about the Connecticut’s complicity in this pitiless trade.

We discovered that Middletown, New London, Hartford, Norwich, and Wethersfield, were major players and traded many products with the West Indies such as Red onions, cattle, lumber, horses, and vegetables. Likewise, we learned about what countries in the West Indies were responsible for shipping what molasses, sugar or sometimes even humans back to Connecticut.

Our project forced us to learn how to use different programs to create what we had envisioned. Ultimately, our familiarity with Microsoft Power Point led to our decision to use to create our infograph. Designing it was very tedious and required lots of patience to complete. While it may not have been professionally done, we were pleased with the result because, as far as we can tell, a Connecticut based info-graph was not something that existed. – Conor O’Neil and Declan Cooke

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