A Conversations on the Commons event
organized by the Mass History Alliance

January 22, 2021, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.


A Conversation with Meadow Dibble, Director of Atlantic Black Box, and Kristin Gallas, principal of Interpreting Slavery

Join us for a conversation on researching and interpreting slavery and the slave trade in Massachusetts. We will talk about opportunities for opening up discussion–both in schools and historical organizations–about Massachusetts’ role in the Atlantic world slave economy and will review sources and research methods for locating free and enslaved Black and Indigenous community members in the archive. Are you interested in starting a conversation on the history of enslavement in your local community? Thinking about how to frame the conversation? Have you done research on slavery in your town? Investigated your community’s participation in various aspects of the slave trade and economy?  When people ask, do you know where to send them?  If we do not have artifacts or documents, what else can we do? What do you do if your town is largely white? Are you curious what sources to consult? What local materials teachers might be able to use?  Tell us about your successes and obstacles you’ve met. Bring your insights and questions to the Conversation!

REGISTER HERE or visit the Mass History Commons to learn more.

This event will be livestreamed. We will do our best to monitor questions and comments during the livestream. A recording will be publicly available in the Conversations on the Commons Archive.


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