With guest speakers Dr. Meadow Dibble and Dr. Kate McMahon

Hosted by the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative

Thursday, March 4th | 4:30p.m.-6:00p.m.

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New England has long repressed the memory of its complicity in Atlantic world slavery, just as our dominant narrative has suppressed the stories of the region’s free and enslaved Black and Indigenous populations. Despite this persistent collective amnesia, the land remembers. Atlantic Black Box, through its community-based historical recovery model, empowers individuals and institutions across the region to read the palimpsest of place as a means of informing conservation, education, and racial equity efforts.

Join us to learn how we, land trusts and land conservationists, may become partners in this effort to uncover these stories. Learn how to uncover the stories of these places – how to become community historians and participate in our efforts to know ourselves.

In making the pledge to our communities to steward special places, it is also our responsibility to interpret and be the voice for these places. Join us to gain new skills and resources that will enable you to deepen these stories we tell.
Atlantic Black Box empowers communities throughout New England to embark on their own unique journeys of historical recovery. Mobilizing a vast coalition of scholars, museum specialists, educators, community leaders, engaged artists, genealogists, racial justice activists, archivists, and descendants, we support individuals and institutions in the work of unearthing and reckoning with our region’s fraught history of complicity in the global slave trade and the economy of enslavement. Here is a link to the latest Ship News newsletter.

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