#Atlantic Black Box Blog Post #4

Here is the Sunday Service presented by our Reparations Task Force, minus some copyrighted musical selections we are unable to publish.

The Reparations Action group of First Parish Brewster UU has developed a definition of reparations as it relates to our congregation.

Reparations is a process of reconciliation and making amends for wrongs. Reparations are not a single act like an apology or making a one-time payment, instead reparations are many actions that aim to dismantle oppressive systems.  So, only making an apology is not a reparation but making an apology and acting to stop the systems and practices that cause harm, and compensating those that were harmed would constitute reparations. Reparations are greater than the sum of their parts. Reparations are essential to the second principle of our faith –  justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. 

The Reparations Action Group continues to research the various and ongoing methods of reparations that First Parish could consider. Connections are being made with churches and other organizations which are doing impressive reparations work. We are considering permanent memorials or markers which could teach the true history as we are learning it. 

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