Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 7:00 EST

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Please join The Hard History Project for a very special installment of the PLC, when we’ll be joined by Dr. Meredith McCoy. Meredith was the co-host for Season Two of the Teaching Hard History podcast, and she’s a great person to answer your questions relating to teaching and learning about Indigenous issues. She’ll be helping us to understand what, exactly, settler colonialism is. And she’ll be talking about the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act. It’s really going to be a great session. 

Please join us! And if you get a chance, Meredith asks that you browse through these readings – just 15 pages!

“I Want to Be Free” (1920)

“I Am Going to Geneva” (1923)

“These Are Inherent Rights” (1978)

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  1. I tried to join the Hard History Project with Dr. Meredith McCoy and it gave me an incorrect link to June 1st zoom. I would like to have this evening’s link. Thankyou

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