Hosted by Revolutionary Spaces

OCTOBER 16 – 24
Sat & Sun 11:30AM & 1PM

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The original play I Am This Place envisions a legacy and history of resistance, survival, loss, and remembrance which may have influenced Crispus Attucks, the African and Indigenous man who was the first to fall during the Boston Massacre.

Playwright Miranda ADEkoje weaves together historical fact with artistic insight to imagine key moments from the lives of Crispus Attucks’ matrilineal ancestors, including his great grandparents’ attempt to escape a “Praying Town” during King Philip’s War and his parents’ courtship while enslaved by the Brown family of Framingham. Two actors take on nine characters in this compelling drama which spans over 100 years, staged in the Main Hall of the Old South Meeting House.

Produced in partnership with Plays in Place.

The performance runs approximately 25 minutes.

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