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Educators are invited to submit an application to participate in an educational pilot project focused on teaching the story of enslaved people in the colonial North using resources from the Historic Hudson Valley’s “People Not Property” website.

In this project, educators will work with resources from the People not Property website to create new classroom strategies for teaching the story of slavery in the colonial North. Pilot participants will also model, and provide feedback for the strategies they create and will have an opportunity to share their classroom strategy with a national audience via video and a webinar. The project is managed by a team of educators who understand the demands of teaching during a pandemic, so it will not be a heavy lift.

We are looking for six teachers to form the pilot teacher group, particularly two teachers from grades 3-5, two from 6-8, and two from 9-12, though all interested educators are welcome to apply.

What will I be asked to do?

Should you be selected to participate you will be asked to:

  • Participate in 3-4 hours of online learning
  • Collaborate with other educators to create a new teaching strategy
  • Practice the strategy with your students
  • Observe and reflect on how the strategy worked in your class
  • Participate in a filmed interview, a filmed teaching session, and a webinar for national educators
  • Complete an exit interview and survey

Compensation: teachers will be paid $1000 for participating in this project.

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the application HERE by October 29th. 

Here are some key dates for the project: 

Interviews – week of November 8th
Kickoff meeting – November 22nd
Workshop #1 – December 6th
Workshop #2 – December 13th
Teacher brainstorming meetings – December 13th through January 28th
Lesson drafts due – January 28, 2022
Peer review, expert review and team reviews due – February 18, 2022
Teach your lessons in class – February through April 2022 
Final revisions due – May 15, 2022

Information about Historic Hudson Valley’s People Not Property Project
People Not Property: Stories of Slavery in the Colonial North is an interactive documentary website for grades 7-12 that uses primary documents as the basis for an in-depth, multimedia journey through the history of enslavement in the Northern colonies, from Pennsylvania to Maine and from the Dutch settlement through the passing of the gradual emancipation acts. Original videos, interviews, and infographics help students develop a deeper understanding of the lives of enslaved individuals, including the many ways that people resisted their brutal bondage.

What will happen next?

We will interview those who best fit the criteria for the pilot project. If you are selected for this project, we will email you a consent form and details for the next steps.

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