Wednesday, November 10 at 7pm

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Join us for the world premiere of the new Upstander Project film, BOUNTY. Here is the synopsis of the film, by Dawn Neptune Adams, Maulian Dana, Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip, and Tracy Rector:

We are citizens of the Penobscot Nation. For this film, we bring our families to Boston to read our ancestors’ death warrant. This abhorrent proclamation, made in 1755 by the colonial government, paid settlers handsomely to murder Penobscot people. It declared our people enemies and offered different prices for the scalps of children, women, and men. Bounty proclamations like this, some even paid in stolen land, persisted for more than two centuries across what is now the United States.

The memory of being hunted is in our blood. We know this to be true, and the science now affirms that trauma can be passed down from generation to generation. In BOUNTY we step into the future together with our children into the colonizer’s hall of injustice, to read their hateful words and tell the truth about what was done to our ancestors. We exercise our power by sharing the horrors of this hard history as an act of resistance, remembrance, and a step toward justice.

Join Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador Maulian Dana, film participant Dawn Neptune Adams (Penobscot), and filmmaker and Upstander Project director Adam Mazo for a conversation after the film.

Learn more about the film at

EVENT SCHEDULE (all times Eastern)

7:00 PM – 7:05 PM: Film Introduction

7:06 PM – 7:14 PM: BOUNTY film

7:15 PM – 8:30 PM: Film Team Q&A

Free on OVEE. REGISTER. LIVE EVENT — this program will NOT be recorded.

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