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A question from Barbara Brown of Hidden Brookline

Was Senator George Cabot (1752-1823) an enslaver? If so, then his name should be added to the Washington Post’s list (1/10/22) of 1,700+ known enslavers who served in the U.S. House or Senate. As Cabot lived in Brookline, Hidden Brookline: Slavery & Freedom would also add him to the public list of known enslavers found at

Currently, I know that George Cabot grew wealthy from slave trading, working together with his Salem-based brother John, with whom he owned many ships (source: Historic Beverly). Lorenzo Greene described him as a man “who built his wealth from slave trading” (The Negro in Colonial New England, p. 28, n.79, 29, 70). Cabot moved to Brookline in 1793.

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One thought on “Query: Was Senator George Cabot (1752-1823) an enslaver?

  1. Suggest contacting the Massachusetts Historical Society which has George Cabot papers in the Henry Cabot Lodge collection. Can confirm that his aunts, uncles and cousins in Salem owned slaves.

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