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Announcing an NEH Summer Institute on Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad at Colgate University, July 10-29, 2022. Graham Hodges, Langdon Professor of History at Colgate is the general director; Jacqueline Simmons, Vice Chair and Senior Lecturer, Director, Master of Education Program, Teachers College directs the pedagogy section. Visiting Lecturers include Manisha Sinha, Richard Blackett, Alice Baumgartner, Kate Larson, Judith Wellman, Kellie Carter Jackson and Leigh Fought. Site visits to Tubman Home and gravesite, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester, Buffalo Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Center, John Brown National Site, Rokeby Center, David Ruggles Center, among others.

For further information see http://colgate.edu/abolitionism/hodges. Any questions Write neh-abolitionism@colgate.edu

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