Hosted by The Hard History Project

This workshop is based on Learning for Justice’s “Let’s Talk” guide

February 17, 2022 at 7:00pm ET

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Educators play a crucial role in helping students talk openly about the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of social inequality and discrimination, and research shows us that not talking about race and racism reinforces racist systems and behaviors. This workshop offers methods for continual self-reflection and use-tomorrow strategies to plan discussions and to facilitate critical conversations with young people.

Cora Davis

Former militant, angry protester turned reconciler. Her life has been transformed by the principles of nonviolence. She teaches middle school students that their voices matter by fighting for her own and she has created an effective after school (and weekend and lunch hour and anytime) club for the “at risk” students otherwise falling through the cracks of the system. She believes a willingness to look at ourselves first is the key to bringing unity to the hurting world around her and is now convinced we cannot fight hate if it is in us, no matter how justified it is. She is the director of a mentorship program in her school district and a project manager for The Hard History Project.

Jarah Botello

For 16 years, Jarah Botello has worked as an educator, curriculum developer and professional development trainer. After a life changing civil rights tour in Alabama, Jarah moved to Selma in 2007, where she taught high school and college English and drama. From 2015 to 2018, Botello served as a Teaching and Learning Specialist for Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance), a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. At Learning for Justice, she facilitated workshops across the country and developed numerous resources for teachers centered on history and anti-bias education. Currently, Jarah serves as an educational consultant and the project manager for The Hard History Project.

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