Hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society

Monday, May 9, 2022, 6:00PM – 7:30PM

This is a hybrid event. The in-person reception starts at 5:30 and the program will began at 6:00. 

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Robert Allison, Suffolk University
Karilyn Crockett, MIT
Kerri Greenidge, Tufts University
Peter Drummey, MHS
Luc Schuster, Boston Indicators

Remarks: Councilor Ed Flynn

It’s been 200 years since Boston was incorporated in 1822. Historians Robert Allison and Peter Drummey will set the scene with the people, politics, and geography of the small city, recovering from the War of 1812, but on the edge of industrialization, large scale immigration, and geographic expansion. Next Historian Kerri Greenidge will discuss Boston life in 1922–a city with familiar geography and at the zenith of its industrial growth; with substantial immigration, both internationally and from within the US, but very much part of a country that was witnessing a wave of horrendous violence and racial discrimination. Finally Luc Schuster and Karilyn Crockett will reflect on Boston today and look to the future. With its first elected female mayor of color, the city is one of the most economically dynamic places in America with more universities and research hospitals than any other US city. Boston has one of the most educated and innovative populations in the world, but still struggles with severe inequalities. What will Boston look like moving forward? How will the city face rising costs pushing out innovators and artists? What will climate change’s effects be on this coastal city? In 2122, will Boston remain the innovation hub of America?

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