Hosted by Partnership of Historic Bostons

Tuesday, February 21, from 7-8:30pm on Zoom

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What do we see when we look at the land around us? A school, a farm, a freeway? Or a land where Native people had lived for thousands of years when English colonists arrived in 1630? How do we understand how people occupied the land and called it their home?

Join photographer Sandra Matthews in exploring the layers of history in Massachusetts’ landscape in her powerful, thoughtful images. In April and May her photographs go on display at the Massachusetts State House – this is a chance to get a jump on politicians’ viewing and talk directly with the photographer.

Sandra will be joined by David Brule, president of the Nolumbeka Project, who will discuss, based on his work in the Connecticut River Valley, how people can work on healing today.

You can purchase Sandra Matthews’ book, Occupying Massachusetts: Layers of History on Indigenous Land, with texts by David Brule and Suzanne Gardinier, from the publisher, here – or, for those of you in Boston, at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Harvard Book Store.

Image: On Nipmuc and Pocumtuck homelands. Overlooking the Connecticut/Kwinitekw River from Mount Sugarloaf, also known as Wequamps. (c)Sandra Matthews, 2000

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