The panel of speakers we’ll hear from & workshops being offered at this event are beyond pertinent – they could be life saving.

In recent days, another young man in Texas opened fire in a mall, killing eight people. According to recent reports, this man was steeped in white supremacist ideology, frequenting neo-Nazi websites, and wearing a RWDS patch the day of the shooting, standing for “Right Wing Death Squad,” a nod to Pinochet’s violent regime in Chile in the 70s and 80s, and popular amongst recent white supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys.

About a week prior in Manchester NH, members of NSC-131 were spotted trying to recruit at a Trump rally, apparently attempting to re-organize their typically blatant neo-Nazi displays to include a (slightly) more aesthetically-subtle political platform (called PINE), widening their ability to recruit New Englanders who are angry at the status quo, yet confused with who to blame.

And on the last weekend of April 2023 in Boston, Patriot Front were seen once again marching through Copley Square, and this time were met with little protest EVEN after their march through the city last summer was so heavily publicized.

The truth is, we are losing many of our youth (primarily white men) to this violent, hateful movement, and we must stop it in its tracks.

This event is part of an answer.

We need you, and all of us, to develop a deep understanding of the landscape of organized white supremacy in our region so that we can imagine the proper solutions to protect our children and our communities.

We need you to understand strategies for stopping fascist recruitment of our youth into these movements that are terrorizing Black and Brown communities.

We need you to join a localized movement, confidently engage in municipal organizing, and find your role in the movement for a just and equitable nation.

Spread the word as we need all of us, and register now.


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