Online Training with White Awake

Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 25
4-6:30pm ET (1-3:30pm PT)

Suggested $50-175 registration fee
No one turned away for lack of funds

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Sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. 

Facilitator: David Dean 

“The more I study history, the more I seem to find
that in every generation there were times just like that time
when folks like you and me who thought that they were all alone
within this honored movement found a home.”
— Si Kahn, “They All Sang Bread and Roses”

Radical Genealogy is a two-session training that offers people of European descent genealogical research tools for connecting their individual family histories to the broader histories of racism, colonialism, capitalism, traditional culture, and political resistance that shaped our ancestors’ lives. Together, as descendants of those who were stripped of their inherited traditions and socialized to become “white,” we will explore how to use genealogical study to develop a renewed and rooted sense of self that can power our efforts for collective liberation. 

In this training you will: Gain foundational skills for starting your genealogy research and ensuring accuracy. Learn about a framework for developing a rooted political identity as a Euro-descendant person through genealogical study.  Receive insight for connecting your own family’s story to three historical windows into our ancestors’ collective story: 1. Traditional lifeways, harm endured, and racialization, 2. Harm caused, and 3. Legacies of resistance.   Be part of a supportive learning community where you can process emotions and discuss questions that arise in your family history research.


Live sessions of Radical Genealogy are being held as a caucus for people with European ancestry (white and/or multiracial) who want to do genealogical study on this ancestral line as a way of bringing greater rootedness and direction to their work for social change. All are welcome to work with training materials via recordings. To learn more about the caucus for this training and the use of caucusing as a tool in anti-racism education, please view our training structure and ground rules document

Sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. 
Please note: White Awake is a US-based organization and the genealogical education offered here is tailored to people with European ancestors who were settlers and immigrants to the US. While those with European ancestry not tied to a US-context can benefit from the training, some translating between curriculum content and your own genealogical study will be necessary. 

Meet the Facilitator:

David Dean is a political educator and writer seeking to support the growth of powerful coalitions in our social movements. As a longtime contributor and former Associate Director at White Awake, he has taught courses for more than 5000 people. He is currently writing a book titled Roots Deeper than Whiteness meant to help white Americans cultivate a rooted, anti-racist identity based on a deeper understanding of their ancestry that can drive their efforts for collective liberation. To receive regular writing from David and learn about other training opportunities with him, sign up for his newsletter, Toward Solidarity.

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