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Thursday, March 23, 2023 7:00 – 8:30pm
Live on Zoom

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Much ink has been spilled writing about Southern New England’s cultures, religions, and history. However, those writings have largely excluded Black and Indigenous New Englanders. Historians and literary theorists who study Black and Indigenous New Englanders have argued that our studies of eighteenth-century New England must include the stories of Black (people of African descent) and Indigenous (New England Indian) peoples. The research findings are decisive. Black and Native peoples in eighteenth-century New England had rich cultures that contributed as much to New England history as the English groups that settled in the region. Some of these Black and Indigenous peoples participated in the rituals of the Old North Church.

Join us on Zoom for a panel discussion with historians Dr. Richard Boles, author of Dividing the Faith, and Dr. Margaret Newell, author of From Dependency to Independence and Brethren by Nature. Through their research and writing, Boles and Newell have offered new insights about religion, slavery, colonialism, and freedom in eighteenth-century New England. The panel’s moderator will be Dr. Jaimie Crumley, the Research Fellow at Old North Illuminated.

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